May 30, 2014

favourites – May edition


Oh gosh!  I hadn’t intended on posting so sporadically and given that I prepare on average twenty-one (yes you read that right) meals a week, more if we include morning and afternoon tea and the occasional dessert, it’s not like I don’t have recipes to share.  My problem lies in getting a decent photograph.  I’m a complete novice when it comes to using a DSLR and it frustrates me no end.  I am hoping that the photography and food styling workshop that I will be attending next weekend, run by the talented Peggy Saas, will change all that.  Stay tuned folks!

In the mean time, here are a few favourites from this past month…enjoy.

This has been our breakfast the last few mornings….total YUM!

Do yourself a favour and go buy this cookbook pronto!  You won’t regret it…promise.

I NEED these spoons and these pins in my kitchen

And while we’re talking kitchens…LOVE this one

Waste not, want not.  Two great, must read posts.


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  1. I can't wait for next Saturday either! It's going to be great <3


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