May 14, 2014

mushroom and kale omelette

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When I was a child my dad had this uncanny ability to pull a meal out of nothing.  I remember one time us arriving home late at night with empty bellies and what appeared to be very little food on offer.  He fluffed around a bit pulling a bag of rice and an onion out of the cupboard and the last of the bacon and a few eggs from the fridge and I thought to myself ‘that’s not gonna fill us’.  The rice was boiled and drained, the onions caramelised and the bacon fried before all being tossed together with the egg which cooked from the heat of the rice.  A few handfuls of chopped fresh herbs from the garden and a bit of seasoning and dinner was ready in twenty minutes flat.  It was very simple in nature but it was so delicious and was a meal that us kids started requesting somewhat regularly.

That is what I love about omelettes, not only are they fast to cook but they are simple and satisfying.  They are also my go-to breakfast when I want something a little more substantial than porridge.  In the time it takes to boil the kettle and steep a pot of tea breakfast is good to go.  Don’t limit yourself to only having omelettes for breakfast or brunch though, they are perfect for lunch or dinner served alongside a salad and some homemade potato wedges.

Mushroom and kale omelette – serves 1 as a main or 2 as a light meal

3 free range eggs
3Tbsp water/milk
2 kale leaves – stalks removed
handful of button mushrooms
chopped herbs
butter/ghee for cooking

Slice the kale and mushrooms.  Add a knob of butter/ghee to a non-stick frypan and heat over medium heat.  Sauté the mushroom and kale for a few minutes till tender.  Place the sautéed vegetables in to a bowl and heat another knob of butter/ghee in the frying pan. Whisk the eggs in a small bowl with the water/milk and a bit of seasoning and once the butter/ghee is just starting to brown pour the egg into the pan, swirling to coat the bottom, and cook for a few minutes until the top is just starting to set.  Spoon the mushrooms and kale over one half of the omelette, sprinkle with chopped herbs and then fold over the opposite half to enclose the filling and place on a plate.

-Be as creative as you like with the filling.  Fried chopped bacon and onion are a wonderful addition as is grated cheese and leftover cooked vegetables make for a heartier filling.

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